A guide to tremendously good coffee.


Edition 2







11 cities
13 coffee bars

96° - Edition 2

your guide to

"When fantastic coffee, committed people, a lovely and understandable place, good reading materials, nice guests and that certain something comes together... well, then most of us agree that certain coffee places rise far above their peers."


We visit the coffee bars that are not only good but tremendously good.

In Hong Kong and Helsinki, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Zürich, London, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Paris and Brooklyn.

New places, new people. Some return from Edition 1 while others do not. 


What does it take to be tremendously good? 

Linnea Vannesjö and Mikael Axelsson meet Talor Browne of Talor & Jørgen to find out. And we republish the insights shared by Mikaela Wallgren of The Coffee Collective in Edition 1 to give you all the know-how neatly collected.


96° is edited by Jaan Orvet (Paper Light)
and Barista Champion Linnea Vannesjö. 
Art Direction by Simon Ålander.




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Paper Light Publishing/Orvet Stockholm